Born in Florence on 25th july 1947, my artistical activity begun in 70’s, attending the ‘Piccola Accademia di Pittura’ and  then courses of art nude, where I met  some of my collegues, together with,  later, I would found ‘Studio 7’.

Here I had meetings on art with several autors from Florence of  every pictoric tendency. This experience for me has been a foundry for my pictorial and cultural education, whereas I learnt the concept of ‘’idea and shape’’, that is tourning thought into pictoric concreteness, a  way to express and communicate one’s thought through shape and colour. My painting tends to be a surrealistic and symbolic expression,  where thought oversteps reality generating a conceptual creativity, as expression of my lifelong experience. In my life it happens to me to  think about things that lead me to move away from reality with fragile bubble-soap and to soare with air-balloons in my imaginary world, and then to  fall back in everyday life, where everything runs and is out of control. My canvans  express emotions and utopias, but those expressions will always live inside of me, until men will not understand their cruelty and their ipocrisis, in the hope that they could create the basics for a freer, more serene and equal world.